800W - 115mm Slide Switch Small Angle Grinder

800W - 115mm Slide Switch Small Angle Grinder DWE4050-ZA Image


800W - 115mm Slide Switch Small Angle Grinder

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Features and Specs


  • Small girth allows comfortable gripping resulting in superior ergonomics
  • Independant box and spring brush holder design increases brush life
  • The low profile gear case allows access in confined areas
  • Fully leaded stator windings for increased motor durability
  • 100% Ball bearing design increases efficiency and durability
  • Pop off brushes protect the armature from damage at the end of brush life resulting in greater motor durability
  • Top positioned spindle lock allows maximum depth of cut
  • Abrasion protected motor for increased durability


  • Protective guard
  • Multi-position side handle
  • Inner and outer disc flange
  • Spanner

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User Reviews

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Michael Martin
Beast of a grinder

I have had my DWE4050 for some 5 years now. It is a beast. I have only had to change the brushes once in that time, and I use it regularly in the process of making our eco-friendly home decor (https://www.reclaimdesign.org). The only gripe I have is that it didn't come with a wrench for the discs. Other than that it is a really useful tool in shop.