1100 W - ¼" (6-8 mm) Variable Speed Plunge Router

1100 W - ¼" (6-8 mm) Variable Speed Plunge Router DW621-QS Image


1100 W - ¼" (6-8 mm) Variable Speed Plunge Router

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Features and Specs


  • Precision micro-adjuster allows depth of cut adjustment accurate to 0.1 mm results
  • Unique through the column dust extraction for excellent cutter visibility - no adaptor or hose which restrict visibility is required
  • Power switch mounted in the handle for ease of use features lock off and lock on actions
  • Full wave electronic speed control with feedback ensures the selected speed is maintained under any load for a consistent finish in all grades of timber, aluminium and plastics
  • Soft start to eliminate any small initial movement that might misalign the cutter
  • Two column precision guide with phosphor bronze bushing - the extra broad column provides superior rigidity for the greatest accuracy in this size of router
  • Rubber coated handles provide a comfortable grip and their low down position aid control of the router
  • 3 stage depth stop adjustment enables cuts of various depths to be made in one operation without time consuming setting up
  • Spindle lock mechanism for quick and easy cutter changes with a single spanner


  • Beading


  • Parallel fence with built-in micro adjustment
  • Dust extraction adapter and cap
  • 8 mm collet (¼" GB)
  • 17/10 mm spanner
  • Also available in 1500W with a 12mm (1/2" GB) collet

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