Long Distance Measurer - 50M

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Long Distance Measurer - 50M

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Features and Specs


  • Laser distance measurer (LDM) manufactured to withstand the inevitable job site drops and falls on the Job site
  • It has a range of up to 50m and an accuracy of +/- 1,5mm
  • Common end-user functions : linear meter readings, surface and volume calculations. It will add or subtract readings and calculate distance in Metric and Imperial.
  • The user can select the unit to continually measure which allows layout applications.
  • Pythagoras indirect height function will allow to measure distances even when point A and/or point B isn’t accessible for linear measurement
  • Unit stores last 5 measurements


  • Fast and accurate material ordering for end-users such as Joiners, Plasterers, Electricians, and Tillers
  • Window and garage door installation and manufacturing
  • HVAC engineer heating and air conditioning building requirements
  • Electricians setting out energy saving lighting motion sensors
  • Stud wall layout using the continues measure function and erecting
  • Quantity Surveyors and Site Manager on site checks
  • Concrete pouring requirements
  • Flooring applications such as computer floor
  • Allows end-users to quote for work quickly, accurately and easily


  • 2 x 1.5v dc LR03 (AAA-size) batteries

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