50M Laser Detector - Crossline Laser

50M Laser Detector - Crossline Laser DE0892G-XJ Image


50M Laser Detector - Crossline Laser

The DE0892G is a laser detector designed to be used with Dewalt green beam self levelling line lasers. On occasions or locations when laser levels are harder to see the DW0892 laser detector allows the user to clearly see a projected laser line from either of the above laser levels. This ensures a faster and more accurate reading. The DE0892 has a working range of 50m and can be used in hand as well as remotely when using a tripod, or attached to a solid surfice or rail.
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Features and Specs


  • Very easy to use
  • Compatable with DCE088D1G-QW & DCE089D1G-QW
  • Up to 50m working range
  • Selectable narrow and wide accuracy settings
  • Heavy duty clamp for mounting on a grade rod
  • Backlit LCD
  • Magnets to allow detector to be mounted on the metal tracks
  • Automatic shut off turns off detector if inactive for 5 mins
  • Wavelength; 510 - 530nm
  • IP; IP54


  • For use with DW088K or DW089K lasers
  • Narrow and Wide Accuracy Settings
  • Backlit LCD Monitor
  • Auto Power Saving shut off after 5mins
  • Clamp included
  • Waterproof
  • Magentic Mount included


  • 9V battery
  • Heavy duty detector clamp

Warranty & Service Information



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