Standard Heat Gun

Standard Heat Gun D26411-QS Image


Standard Heat Gun

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Features and Specs


  • Durable design with added protection or the heating element
  • Light weight ergonomics and compact design for increased comfort and application use
  • Two air flows to maximize control in most applications
  • Large stable support stand to ensure safety in stationary applications
  • Two cone attachments as standard to increase the user versatility for specific applications


  • Stripping paint
  • Drying varnish coats and lacquers
  • Shrinking packaging and wrapping
  • Softening adhesives and removing stickers
  • Automotive applications
  • Moulding and welding plastics
  • Softening metal pipes for bending
  • Shrinking cable ends
  • Loosening nuts and bolts
  • Thawing frozen water pipes


  • Cone nozzle
  • Fish tail surface nozzle

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