SDS-Max 5Kg chipping hammer

SDS-Max 5Kg chipping hammer D25810K-ZA Image


SDS-Max 5Kg chipping hammer

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Features and Specs


  • Ideal for light demolition, surface preparation or chiseling grooves and channel openings in brick, masonry and light concrete
  • Ergonomic, compact and slim line design maximises control and offers easy access to confined spaces
  • Unique dust sealing protection to prevent even the finest dust ingress into the hammer mechanism delivering high durability and extended tool life
  • Efficient mechanism delivers impact blows directly to the bit without losses through excessive vibration and rebound dampening reduces stress to the tool
  • Soft rubber grip handles improve user comfort lowering fatigue during extended use


  • Chiseling and breaking masonry material, bricks and occasionally concrete
  • Removing rendering
  • Wall chasing for pipe work, cable channels and boxes
  • Wall and floor repair works


  • Multi-position side handle
  • Heavy duty carrying case

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